♪I'm just a girl in a big ole world!♫

Hi there and welcome to Kindra's Photography! 
I have always had a love for photography. I'm still starting out/building my portfolio and no I'm not the best but I'm learning. 

 Who am I? I am number one a Christian. God has given me a few talents, taking pictures is one of them, so I want to do it since He has given it to me. I am also a newlywed.

Throughout my life I've realized that life is's fleeting...never promised and you don't realize you don't have pictures until it's too late so I hope that I can enable you to have pictures of you and your loved ones at a reasonable price (I'm willing to negotiate most times too.)

I specialize in individuals (Seniors, teens, etc) but can do and love doing couples, families, children, groups of friends, etc. Outdoor shoots ONLY!

I take pictures in Barry County Missouri and the surrounding areas mostly. A certain number of pictures will be put on a disc for you to print at the photo lab of your choice.

Email me if you have any questions.